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Hi! I'm Greg!

A Front-End
Web Dev

About Me

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Hi, I'm Greg Crutchlow

I'm a Front-End Web Developer with a passion for web development. I love creating elegant, clean and accessible websites for every user. I started my web development journey in photography but soon found my calling in creating websites.

When I'm not coding, I spend my time with my family or doing a handful of hobbies that occupy my time, including but not limited to: anything mechanical keyboard related, Magic The Gathering, Leatherworking (beginner) and wood working.

Profile picture of Greg outdoors

Greg Crutchlow



Ottawa, Canada

My Skills

How I can help in your next project

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JS
  • Sass
  • Node JS
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • React
  • DRY Design
  • Accessibility
  • Firebase
  • Photoshop
  • VS Code


screenshot of Crutches CSS Library Website

Crutches CSS Library

Built using Sass to create a CSS library based on Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap, its a class based css library to completely style your website only using classes in html and rarely, if ever, touching the css directly. Still a work in progress with a sample site coming soon.

screenshot of GPT-3 Mockup Site

GPT-3 Mockup Site

Built using React and CSS, built to show skills with React and design for websites. Tried new techniques to build the site and compartmentalize aspects of the site building process. This is strictly a mockup, a non-functioning site.

screenshot of Pig-game website

Pig Game

Built using vanilla JavaScript, Pig is a dice rolling game where the goal is to bank 100 points before your opponent. Players can score big but lose even bigger in this game of risk/reward. Built using simple JavaScript for game functionality.

screenshot of Guess My Number game website

Guess My Number

Built using vanilla JavaScript, Guess My Number is a number guessing game between 1-20. Simple code to test my skills manipulating the DOM as well as some game coding and error handling skills.

screenshot of Is The Book Better website

Is The Book Better

Built during bootcamp at Juno College cohort 44. Group project with other members Paco, Louis and Matt. Compare a book and its movie and find out which one you should spend your time on!

screenshot of Tasty website made by Greg

The Tasty Website

Built during bootcamp at Juno College cohort 44. First project building a website. Built to learn and test skills pertaining to HTML, CSS as well as Accessibility and ease of use for the user.

Let's get in touch

I enjoy talking about new ideas and challenges. Please give as many details as possible for our first meet-up.

Living In:

Orleans, Ottawa, Canada


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